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    Interior Chatter

    The Beginners Guide To Summer Linen

    The Beginners Guide To Summer Linen

    It's no secret that linen is the staple textile of summer. The versatile, fresh & sustainable fabric lends itself well to warmer temperatures and summer fashion. But it's not just about looks - it's about functionality. 

    linen smock, linen apron, linen dress, linen with buttons, buttons, summer linen

    (Oscar & French

    The ancient flax textile was used by Egyptians much like it is today - to keep cool in the heat. Linen literally helps keep your body temperate down when the weather heats up. And it absorbs perspiration and water up to 20% of its body weight before it even begins to feel wet. 

    This not only means you'll be cool and dry, rather than hot and sweaty, this summer - but you'll also be able to keep your clothing looking like new. The flax fabric's ability to repel stains make's it the perfect summer accessory. Don't pass up the sangria this year, just remember to shop linen.

    summer linen, linen dress, handmade linen dress

    (Everything Etsy)

    Styling linen can be challenging if you don't know where to start. A linen dress or smock can be worn anywhere, from shopping, crafting and cooking, to lunch dates, barbecues and sporting events. It truly is an every day, every way kind of fabric. 

    So what can you do with it? First, layer it up. Try adding layers underneath linen shirts, overalls and aprons, and on top as well. Light jackets are perfect accessories for summer nights and mixing patterned t-shirts underneath make for a cute, stylish look. 

    linen dress, linen apron, linen tunic, linen smock, summer linen

    (Oscar & French

    You'll want to remind yourself to embrace the wrinkles. Linen will wrinkles easily. THAT'S OKAY. The wrinkles add character and style to the unique fabric and create the perfect laid-back, summertime look. Let the wrinkles in and your inner-wild child out. 

    And last, but never least, add a few statement accessories. Jewellery, hats and handbags, to scarves, belts and sunglasses - there are plenty of ways to personalise your summer linen style. It can be simple and chic while remaining playful. It's summer after all, time to let loose. 

    linen bag, linen tote, summer linen, linen accessory

    (The Linen Garden)


    Top 5 Wedding Colour Palettes For Spring 2017

    Top 5 Wedding Colour Palettes For Spring 2017

    We can't get enough of spring weddings. It's the season of new beginnings, after all, what better way to celebrate than with the start of a new commitment of love?!

    And this year's Pantone Colour of The Year - greenery - provides the perfect base to create the rustic, romantic wedding of your dreams. From design and decor, to fashion and food, greenery pairs perfectly with some of our favourite hues. 


    wedding linens, wedding colour combination, boxwood wreaths

    Green and gold creates a whimsical, boho chic atmosphere for your special day. Give your hairpiece or wedding dress some extra golden sparkle, grab some gold lettered balloons, boxwood wreaths with gold ribbons and have your tables set like the fairy queen that you are.


    wedding colours, wedding linens, boxwood wreaths, wedding decor

    Choosing blush pink and green for your wedding colours offers endless opportunity for true, blissful romance. Be unique with a blush wedding dress, choose traditional light pink roses and don't be afraid to experiment with invitations. Table linens (tablecloths, runners and napkins) are one of our favourite accents for a blush theme - offering the perfect setting for a rustic cake and/or centrepiece. 


    wedding colours, wedding decor, wedding linens, boxwood wreaths

    Green and slate blue is one of our personal favourite palettes of the year. From Linens and invitations, to muted blue succulent flowers and cakes, slate blue offer a natural, peaceful atmosphere for your romantic day. And it pairs perfectly with greenery decor, like boxwood wreaths, centrepieces and bouquets. 


    wedding colours, wedding decor, wedding linens, boxwood wreaths

    For the true hippie brides at heart choose green and beige. You can play around with texture and colour, from different textiles like linen, burlap and wood, to various shades of tan, taupe and brown. Wrap twine on your invitations, go with a classic, neutral bouquet and add some nature to your cake for a dreamy landscape like no other. 


    wedding colours, wedding decor, wedding linens, boxwood wreaths

    Close to slate blue, but a bit more muted, we love a simple grey and green wedding palette. Grey men's suits with a green tie, an ombre cake and table linens are just a few of our favourite grey wedding ideas. The colour feels light and airy with a sense of mystery - we love it! 

    Setting The Table - Easter Style!

    Setting The Table - Easter Style!

    We love a good dinner party or brunch, and we love hosting them even more! It's so much fun setting the table and decorating for a special occasion, especially in the Spring. Easter is just days away and we could not be more excited. It's the best season for linen (our favourite!) and of course muted pastels, creating the perfect opportunities for shabby chic interior lovers. And the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family for a celebration of fresh starts, new beginnings and renewed life! 


    Layers, layers and more layers. Use the entire table, from plate ware, cutlery and napkins, to table runners, tablecloths and placemats, the more the merrier! And you can be a little adventurous and crafty with Easter. Bunnies, eggs, flowers, really anything goes when it comes to celebrating the Spring holiday.

    The key to layering successfully is introducing different textures to the table. Mix and match metals, natural textiles (like linen), colour (pastels) and white within the decor. Add fresh flowers and, of course, the food to tie it all together. 

    table linens, easter table, layering

    table linen, cutlery holder, easter

    easter table, linen, table linen

    easter table, table linens, placemats


    The centre of the Easter brunch (or dinner) is where it gets really fun. Boxwood wreaths wrapped around candle holders full of pastel eggs, fresh bouquets of spring flowers and pastel coloured eggs are just the beginning! Get creative and mix and match texture. Look at what you have in the house let the kids join in the fun. 

    Start from the middle of the table and work your way out. The centrepiece should set the tone of the table, and help tie together the colour scheme. If you're using natural linens, try a splash of coloured eggs in the centre, or an O&F boxwood wreath to help bring a touch of the outdoors inside. 

    centrepiece, easter table, table linen

    boxwood wreath, easter table, table tops

    easter table, table linens, flowers

    easter table, table linens, ruffled linen table runner, flowers


    Too often the seats at the table go forgotten. Even if you have beautiful chairs and benches, it never hurts to add a touch of decor to each one. Our ruffled linen seat covers are, of course, among our favourite seating accessories. As well as our boxwood wreaths. 

    Ribbons, linen ties and name tags are just a few ideas. If your hosting a large family including children of all ages, seat covers are always a great option for gorgeous easter decor, as well as functional option making cleanup and messes easy as pie. 

    seat cover, linen seat cover, ruffled linen

    easter seating, table linen

    boxwood wreath, easter tables,

    easter decor, table linen


    Last, but never least, the extras. Accessorise the table and the space with your favourite Easter decor. Maybe it's your mother's old china, or your child's best Easter art from school. Whatever you choose, tie it into the table with our theme of the season - mixing and matching textures and colour. 

    We just love Rae Dunn Clay and anything homemade, as well as Easter trees, wreaths, banners and floral garlands. And of course, as awlays - bunnies and more eggs! Just have fun with it and enjoy the day celebrating with your loved ones. 

    rae dunn clay, easter decor

    easter bunny, easter decor

    easter tree, easter decor, easter eggs



    Home Decor Trends For Spring 2017

    Home Decor Trends For Spring 2017

    Spring is (almost) here and you know what that means, it's time for major cleaning and redecorating - our favourite time of year! Throw those warmer textiles in storage, break out brighter colours and gear up for the season of blooming. 

    We're exploring some of the best trends heading into 2017, from colour palettes to new materials, we can't get enough of this years top notch style! 


    Pantone's colour of the year could not be any more perfect for spring interiors. While the "Greenery" shade is stunning, you can have fun and play around with all shades of green. From kitchen cabinet accents to rugs and cushions, it's an easy and comforting touch of rustic charm for any room. And it pairs perfectly with organic textiles such as linen, hardwood and flax. 


    Mixing patterns and prints does not have to be hectic or overwhelming. For the perfectionist, you may find it difficult to mix and match to your liking. Our advice is to stick with a 3 piece colour palette (within the prints) and to choose only a few interior items for the patterns. Our favourite part about this trend is implementing vintage pieces like upholstered chairs, curtains and cushions - it's our heaven! 


    We've been longtime fans of navy blue for just about everything, from clothes to interiors, you can never go wrong with a bit of blue. This year you'll find more navy blue accents than black, and just a touch is all you need. From lighting, seating and plating, to cushions, artwork and wall decor, it's easy to find the perfect accent for your spring space. 


    We can't say enough about this classic and timeless trend. All white everything is an everlasting mantra for spring interiors, and the more natural and imperfect the better! Raw and chalky whites are a staple of our favourite shabby chic style. They brighten up any room, from bedding and textiles, to pottery and artwork, you can never go wrong with white. 


    Bronze may be third place in sporting events, but it's first place in spring trends. We love the vintage and industrial appeal of bronze accents, especially when it comes to lighting. From bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways, to the kitchen and living room spaces - the bronze adds a bit of fixer upper style and class to any home. 

    5 Easy Ways To Create Fixer Upper Style

    5 Easy Ways To Create Fixer Upper Style

    Joanna and Chip Gaines have certainly changed the home renovation game. Their farmhouse, modern rustic style is right on point with our favourite trends and we're constantly inspired by their commitment to excellence (who isn't?!).

    When it comes time to redo your own favourite spaces, the cost and the project ideas can often be overwhelming for the everyday, non-professional home owner. You may not be creating from scratch, and you may not have months to complete the changes. 

    Have no fear! We've put together a list that can help save you the headaches and confusion. Check out our 5 easy tips to creating your own fixer upper style and see just how simple it can be to create your perfect happy place. 

    1. Quote Art 

    You can find almost any quote art nowadays for affordable prices. And if you're feeling crafty and adventurous you can DIY your own. From song lyrics and bible verses, to daily mantras and clever puns, the oversized wall art is your first step to fixer upper interior style. 

    2. Oversized Clocks 

    An oversized clock hung in the entryway or above the mantel in your living room can completely change the space. The industrial style timekeepers are the perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm and fixer upper style to your home, and they continue to be one of Joanna's favourite interior accessories. 

    3. Boxwood Wreaths 

    The rustic, natural charm of preserved boxwood wreaths works year round for any home. They pair perfectly with antique mirrors and vintage window frames, and are a quick and easy way to add a touch of fixer upper style to your home (find O&F handmade boxwood wreaths on Etsy). 

    4. Subway Tile

    Renovating your kitchen can be a long process. Finding the best backsplash, seating and sink can take ages, especially if you're working with your partner or spouse. We all have different styles and if you're doing it yourself, without a professional, knowing what to do can be difficult. Subway tile backsplash is a smart, simple and easy decision you can make right now for a fixer upper style kitchen of your dreams. And you'll want to stick to natural textiles (like our O&F linen tea towels) and green, natural accents. 

    5. Pipe Shelving 

    The industrial chic look of pipe shelving is one of our favourite fixer upper interior accents, and can be used in almost any room of the home. From bathrooms and bedrooms, to entryways and kitchens, it's easy to find affordable designs or create your own pipe shelving. Add a few vintage books and wildflowers and voila! You've got the perfect new wall space. 

    What are some of your favourite fixer upper qualities? Subscribe today and share to receive special offers and more interior styling tips from the team at O&F. We love seeing our readers spaces and are inspired by our community daily!