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    Interior Chatter

    Country Living Fair - we will be there!

    Country Living Fair - we will be there!

    country living fair 2107We will be exhibiting at the country living spring fair again this year, in its new venue at Alexandra Palace or 'Ali Pali' as Gary and I remember it! 

    The venue is of historical importance and extremely beautiful with lots of natural light to really showcase all the goodies on display. You wont miss us if you visit this year, we have a great location and a big stand so we look forward to meeting our customers old and new. 

    Our stand was very 'shabby chic' last year - this year we will be exhibiting our more contemporary linen so a very different look! I love this part of the job - its really hard work, but the challenge of creating a display that represents your brand in a small space ticks all my boxes! 

    Introducing....the new dark side of shabby chic...

    Introducing....the new dark side of shabby chic...

    Traditionally, linen used to be focused on pastel colours but not anymore!

    We have introduced a new range of styles and colours in our lampshades and the focus is on moody colours that can be introduced to your shabby chic interior to give it a new edge.

    We also have a range of standard lamps that you have been asking for in a stunning range of colours.

    So embrace your dark side with Oscar and French...

    5 must-see european museums for designers!

    5 must-see european museums for designers!



    European vacations can be dreamy, stunning and certainly educational. With countless museums and galleries to explore, it’s probably not often you hear someone saying “lets go to the linen museum!” However, for designers and lovers of fashion and interiors, the following museums offer interesting exhibits that take a deeper look into the technology, business and labor behind the linen industry.

    The Irish Linen Centre  (Lisburn, Ireland )


    This modern addition to Lisburn’s Market House opened in 1994, and is attached to Lisburn Museum. ‘From Flax to Fabric’ is the permanent exhibition offering a visual tour through the history of linen, starting with how it has been made and used since Egyptian times. There’s even a piece of linen from the tomb of Tutankamun himself, dating from 1500BC!


    The House of Linen (Routot, France)


    The “La maison du Lin a Routot” in Normandy offers visitors a unique journey through the history of linen, and of France (Upper Normandy is one of the biggest producers of flax in Europe). The exhibits explore the culture, craft and industrial applications of the ancient fiber through audio-visual film and animation. And don’t forget to save some money for the boutique gift shop – it’s a linen lover’s dream!


    Bruckbach Hoarstub'n Flax Museum (Attersee, Austria)


    This authentic Parlor in northern Austria was erected in 1850 for the processing of flax (which is used to make linen). The museum, still located in the original structure today, displays ancient farming machinery and tools that were used in the local cultivation of flax through the 1920’s.


    Linen Museum (Cremona, Italy)


    The “Museo del Lino” in Italy was founded in the 1960s, and moved to its current headquarters in April of 2004. The Museum is an ethno-anthropological walk through the history of linen production and jobs, as well as exploring the struggle of linen workers in everyday life. The museum holds regular events and rotating exhibitions, and is run by artist Fabrizio Merisi (director of the museum). Rather than a pure historian, the director’s artist touch can be felt throughout the museum and makes for a unique stop in Cremona.


    National Flax Museum - Texture (Courtrai, Belgium)


    The Texture museum sits next to the river Lys and is within walking distance of the historic center of Kortrijk. The building was used from 1912 by the Linen Thread Company and today remains one of the most important remnants of the flax industry. The company worked with Irish & Scottish spinners and started some of the first wholesale purchases. The recently renovated building now includes a bistro, multipurpose room and offices, as well as rotating exhibits and events for kids.



    5 design trends here to stay...

    5 design trends here to stay...

    Design trends come and go, and many styles are recycled through the years. 2016 is definitely one of those years. With sustainability and organic textures at the centre of what’s trending, it seems there is no end in sight for shabby chicness. And we love that the colours and styles taking centre stage are all on point with Oscar & French’s shabby chic dream world.  

    From French countryside gardens and tabletops, to rustic and romantic pillows and living rooms, there is something for everyone in the world of shabby chic, and something for everyone in this year’s roundup of design trends. 

    Check out what everyone is talking about and how you can incorporate your Oscar & French stonewashed linen into the mix.



    Believe it or not, our beloved covered chairs and sofas are still on trend (and they have been for centuries). We love seeing chair and stool covers being used in relaxed and casual interiors, and we love that the look is classic, comfortable and upscale if paired with the right features. (Interior Impressions).



    The Pantone colours of the year for 2016 go perfectly with any shabby chic design. Serenity is a light shade of blue and rose quartz offsets the tone perfectly. All of our Oscar & French linen blends can be incorporated into this trend and with these colours, and they both invoke a calm sense of style. They’re sophisticated and classy, vibrant yet soft - watch out for our linen lampshades coming soon where we use Rose Quartz!


    This year is all about natural fibres and hand woven textiles. And our stonewashed linen definitely passes the test. Made from the flax plant, linen is a woven textile that’s one of the oldest known to the human race. And the design world is moving towards supporting local artisans (exciting for us!). You’ll start to see more and more handmade products integrated into interiors, again perfect for shabby chic themes.



    From tableware and sofas, to accessories and other furnishings, natural textures and indefinite shapes are everywhere right now. Our ruffled linen cutlery holders are perfect for adding a touch or organic texture to your tables, and the linen adds just a hint of shabby chic to any dining room or kitchen.

    1. FLORALS


    Floral patterns are making a huge come back, and we love creating bespoke items for our customers with floral prints. This year design is taking life outside and adding items like our linen slipcovers to garden chairs, and inside the print is fun, colourful and romantic. You don’t have to go full out either; items like a floral linen table runner add the perfect accent.

     Regardless of what room or area of your home you’re designing, look to what’s natural this year. Functionality and coziness combine to make the perfect home. And both embody what shabby chic means to us. What are some of your favourite trends this year? Subscribe today and let us know. We are always looking for new inspiration and we love hearing from our customers!