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    Interior Chatter — linen tunic

    The Beginners Guide To Summer Linen

    The Beginners Guide To Summer Linen

    It's no secret that linen is the staple textile of summer. The versatile, fresh & sustainable fabric lends itself well to warmer temperatures and summer fashion. But it's not just about looks - it's about functionality. 

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    (Oscar & French

    The ancient flax textile was used by Egyptians much like it is today - to keep cool in the heat. Linen literally helps keep your body temperate down when the weather heats up. And it absorbs perspiration and water up to 20% of its body weight before it even begins to feel wet. 

    This not only means you'll be cool and dry, rather than hot and sweaty, this summer - but you'll also be able to keep your clothing looking like new. The flax fabric's ability to repel stains make's it the perfect summer accessory. Don't pass up the sangria this year, just remember to shop linen.

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    (Everything Etsy)

    Styling linen can be challenging if you don't know where to start. A linen dress or smock can be worn anywhere, from shopping, crafting and cooking, to lunch dates, barbecues and sporting events. It truly is an every day, every way kind of fabric. 

    So what can you do with it? First, layer it up. Try adding layers underneath linen shirts, overalls and aprons, and on top as well. Light jackets are perfect accessories for summer nights and mixing patterned t-shirts underneath make for a cute, stylish look. 

    linen dress, linen apron, linen tunic, linen smock, summer linen

    (Oscar & French

    You'll want to remind yourself to embrace the wrinkles. Linen will wrinkles easily. THAT'S OKAY. The wrinkles add character and style to the unique fabric and create the perfect laid-back, summertime look. Let the wrinkles in and your inner-wild child out. 

    And last, but never least, add a few statement accessories. Jewellery, hats and handbags, to scarves, belts and sunglasses - there are plenty of ways to personalise your summer linen style. It can be simple and chic while remaining playful. It's summer after all, time to let loose. 

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    (The Linen Garden)