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    Flax has been widely used and woven into linen textile since ancient times. It's one of the oldest natural fibres, dating back to about 9000 years ago when flax was grown in the countries of the Mediterranean coast. Around 2000 B.C. Egyptians began to cherish flax culture so much the linen fabric became the “Woven Wind". Flax was regarded as a sacred fabric to everyone and especially for privileged clergymen in Ancient Greece as well. Later, during the Renaissance, linen became a symbol of luxury and affluence, and arrived in the U.K. about 4000 years ago.
    flax fiber, flax
    It's probably difficult to imagine a European home today without flax. Linen is widely used in households mainly for its strength, practicality and texture. Whether it's upholstery, decorative cushions or natural drapery, flax linen (unlike synthetic textiles) can be proud of it's natural richness and undeniable attractiveness. The surface is slippery and smooth, and functions like an air conditioner due to its anti-static characteristics (also making it more resistant to stains and dust).
    Being one of the strongest natural fibres, flax is two to three times stronger than analogous products like cotton because of its friction resistance. Flax cells combine well with human cells, which is what gives the linen it's comfort and elegance. Linen is also highly recommended due to its anti-allergen properties, making it the best microclimate for skin. It's cooling effect makes it the perfect fabric for the hot summer months, and vice versa, it's warming properties make it suitable for the winter months as well. It reduces radiation impact by half and protects our delicate skin from harmful ultraviolet damage as well.
    linen, linen textile
    It's a light, long lasting, and natural material that's easy to wash and quick drying (helping the process of ironing). The fabric does crumple and wrinkle quickly, however it truly displays the fabric's authenticity and originality - a testament to it’s iconic status. We're big fans of the lived-in look of linen, and find it one of fabric's biggest design appeals. 
    oscar & french linen, linen pillowcase
    The natural linen fibre colour will depend on various factors such as linen quality, circumstances of cultivation, humidity, temperature, sunlight, land surface and treatment. However, linen production does not cause any harm for our habitat and is eco-friendly - our favourite bonus feature!